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The Nagaflow was a long, lazy river in the country of Sespech in the Vilhon Reach.


The Nagaflow originated in the heart of the Chondalwood, broadened into a deep, freshwater lake known as the Nagawater upon joining with the Wintercloak River, then drained into the Vilhon Reach in the shadow of Nimpeth.


Nagas from the Nagawater often swam down the Nagaflow.

The southern half of the Nagawater was the domain of numerous water nagas and increasing numbers of banelar nagas. The upper reaches of the Nagaflow were the spawning grounds for all the naga subraces.

In addition, a yuan-ti anathema named Phelriss secretly used the area as a lair. Phelriss was attended by a cult of dark and spirit naga followers who venerate it as a god.




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