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Naglatha, alias the Black Flame, was Red Wizard of Thay residing in Selgaunt in Sembia.[1]


Naglatha in 1357 DR was a young, black-haired woman with a grim face.[1]


Naglatha quickly rose through the ranks of the Red Wizards thanks to her fanatical zeal and her ruthlessness. However, she was loyally devoted to the god Azuth.[1]


Naglatha arrived in Selgaunt early in 1357 DR with a very deep cover; even Alzegund was unaware of her identity as a Red Wizard of Thay. Everyone in the Dragon Reach area thought she was only a merchant with a preference for extravagant tools from south Faerûn. She even ran a small curiosity shop in Selgaunt. In truth, using the alias "the Black Flame", she was recruiting valorous men to Thay' s cause. She always used a black mask in her mission in order to disguise her identity. Once a year she went "to the South" for three months, in truth traveling to Thay to receive new instructions.[1]

Later she rose through the ranks thanks to the death of Alzegund in 1364 DR. In 1373 DR, she was involved in a plot by the demon lord Eltab against Szass Tam, but the plan backfired thanks to the intervention of Tharzienne Uskevren and Tam promised his vengeance against her.[2]




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