Nagoya Hatano was the head of Nagoya clan in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Hatano withdrawn into his own family to avoid people's suspects.[1] Hatano want only to maintain its current level of prosperity in the upcoming troubles which he foresaw. His policy was a careful neutrality.[2]


Hatano born from a minor samurai in the service of Lord Toragi and a beautiful wood spirit. Through mysterious circumstances the two were wed and Hatano was born but soon after, equally mysteriously, Hatano’s mother disappeared.[1] Hatano know nothing about the illicit romance between his son Nagoya Kenko and Sumi-ko but if he discovered the young Kenko will be in deep trouble[3]


Hatano known people were suspect about his heritage and so withdrawn into his own family. He was bitter and sullen, given to saying little.[1]



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