Nain Keenwhistler is a human wizard from Waterdeep. He has been resurrected more times than anyone else in the city. He lives at Naingate in the Sea Ward, his own personal tower.


Nain had blonde hair that has now turned white and he has black eyes, although he has a healthy complexion.[1]


Nain owns a magical +1 dagger, and a decanter of endless water.[2]


Nain is shy and retiring.[3] He worships Mystra and Tymora.[2]


Nain is an ex-member of the Company of Crazed Venturers and in their service, died many times, each time being resurrected again. Notably, he fought Iyachtu Xvim, son of the deity Bane. He has since become friends with Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Durnan, and Malchor Harpell is his colleague.[1] He maintains a strong friendship with Sharest Tanthalar after they met at one of Mirt's parties.[3] After retiring from the company, he used the wealth he had accumulated to construct Naingate, a tower in the Sea Ward, where he resides.[2] He joined up with Shalara Malarkkin to form the Company of Staff and Steel, which lasted for about two years, but split up for reasons he does not mention.[1] As of 1368 DR, Nain is a trader and diplomat, advising the Lords of Waterdeep on various issues.[4] He was in 1374 among the many powerful mages Arunsun brought together in order to restore the denizens of the lost city of Miyeritaar's High Mages and cleanse part of the High Moor.[5]


In Ed Greenwood's home games, where many members of the Company of Crazed Venturers were played as Player Characters, Nain was the character of Ken Woods, of Ontario Canada's Black Oak Brewery.


Blackstaff (novel)


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