Nalavarauthatoryl or Nalavara, formerly the elven wizard Lorelei Alavara, was an elf-dragon.


She swore vengeance on the Obarskyr name and all humans in Cormyr after a member of the Obarskyr family slew her lover.[citation needed] [note 1]

In 116 DR, a group of five human Cormyrean wizards cast binding spells, specifically keyed to the elf-dragon, and imprisoned her in the Grodd demiplane. In the casting, two of the wizards gave their lives to empower the final words of the spell. In the process, several of Nalavara's companions were also cast into a parallel dimension.[1]

She was later freed by the magic of Vangerdahast, Cormyr's Royal Wizard. She brought with her the Grodd goblins, a tribe of goblins from the city of Grodd. She was also responsible for the creation of ghazneths from the long-dead members of the royal family who had betrayed Cormyr in some way. She was the primary force behind the Goblin War. In 1371 DR, Nalavara and King Azoun IV fought and finally killed each other.[citation needed]



  1. The adventure Into the Dragon's Lair claims that Lorelei Alavara's beloved was killed by "the first king of Cormyr", whereas the novel Death of the Dragon claims that it was Andar Obarskyr, uncle of Faerlthann who did it. Address this at the REALMS-L Mailing List, here, Sean K. Reynolds explained that he had to share a single rough draft of the novel with three other people and that bit of information probably got lost for that reason.


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