Nalynaul the Shriveled was an alhoon who commanded a small clan of wererats in Yartar in 1372 DR.


Nalynaul was originally based in the depths of Gauntlgtym, where it commanded a druuth, a community of doppelganger servants.

Around 1340 DR, Nalynaul transformed itself into an illithilich and left the community, leaving it to its own devices provided they continued to pass information to it. However, most of the doppelgangers were soon destroyed by the vengeful illithids of Gauntlgtym.

Nalynaul made a new base in the catacombs beneath Yartar, where it commanded a new group of servants, wererats.


Two doppelgangers of the druuth survived, Gondyl Ilitheeum and Semmonemily. Semmonemily, a Kraken Society agent and secret leader of the Hand of Yartar thieves' guild, continued to work with Nalynaul, to their mutual advantage and a decline in rivalries between the wererats and the thieves.[1]


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