Namarra, also known as The Sword That Never Sleeps, is a unique magic +2 keen longsword that glows light purple and can be commanded by its owner to cast silence at any time. It floats on water, and white sparks fly from it when it strikes metal. Both sides of the blade are engraved, one with "Namarra" and the other with "Never sleeps." The only reason for its alternate name is this inscription, and it does not convey any powers of alertness. Nothing is known of the sword's history or creation, but it is worth around 30,000 gold pieces.[1]

Other versions/appearancesEdit

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  • In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, there appears a very similar sword called Namarra or Neversleep, which has the ability to cast Silence three times per day and a +2 enhancement bonus and does extra damage, but has no other abilities.
  • In Neverwinter Nights, it is possible to create an enchanted rapier called Namarra. Versions can be created at different levels of enhancement bonus, but they all have a chace to daze the target.


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