Namiko Li was a geisha in Kudoku and secretly one of the Five Deadly Shadows in 1479 DR.[1]


Namiko Li was the head geisha at the tea house of Kudoku, the Everlasting Serenity Tea House. However, she was also a powerful wu jen.[1]


The wealth of Kudoku attracted Namiko and the other Five Deadly Shadows. They slowly infiltrated the city, corrupting everything.

When rumors of the corruption reached the ears of the provincial governor in 1479 DR, she sent the magistrate Hiro Yun. Step by step, Hiro efficiently shut down all the gang's operations and arrested most of its members until only the five leaders remained. At this point, Hiro challenged the assassins but in the end was defeated.

Namiko later bound the souls of Hiro Yun and of Kenzo Harima, who had betrayed the Deadly Shadows to side with Hiro, to Toril, preventing them from going to the afterlife. In doing this, she and her geisha mistakenly became half-oni.

Later, an adventuring party, under the suggestion of the new magistrate Sujin Makoto, confronted and defeated her.[1]


Namiko was a cruel and strict individual.[1]


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