The Narbondel was a huge stalagmite in the city of Menzoberranzan and served as a clock for its inhabitants.[1]


At one time, the drow Zaknafein Do'Urden found Menzoberra's tomb within Narbondel and took the Dagger of Menzoberra back to the city.[2]

During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR,[3] the clocktower was bathed in searing flames that blinded those who looked upon it with darkvision.[4]


Narbondel was the only unshaped piece of stone within the boundaries of the city cavern and it was used as a clock. At the end of every day, the Archmage of Menzoberranzan cast magic upon the stone to heat it. The heat from the Archmage's spell formed a band around it and moved up. When the end of the glow was at the pillar's top, the day was almost done.[5][1] When the pillar was completely dark, it was called "Narbondel's Black Death" (effectively midnight).[6]

Tomb of MenzoberraEdit

Besides being the clock of Menzoberranzan, the stone pillar housed a much greater secret. Within the stalagmite, the ancestors built the tomb of the legendary founder of the city itself, Menzoberra the Kinless. From the top of the pillar, a secret stair lead to the hidden chamber where the body of the priestess once lay in a cocoon upon a huge spider's web spanning a tremendous abyss. When Zaknafein took the Dagger of Menzoberra, the spider's web crashed and the cocoon with the corpse fell into the depths.[2]


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