Narm Tamaraith was a young apprentice mage who become the lover and later the husband of the wielder of spellfire, Shandril Shessair.


Narm decided to become a mage after he saw a battle between two wizards that killed his parents. He became the apprentice of the wizard Marimmar the Magnificent, a good but slow magic teacher. The pair went to the ruined Myth Drannor to acquire magical treasure but Marimmar was quickly killed by the devils there.

Trying to escape, Narm met Shandril, on the run from the Cult of the Dragon. The two helped each other and in the continuous fighting against all the evil organizations that hunted Shandril, Narm and Shandril became more and more close until they fell in love with each other.

In their escape, Narm was also briefly tutored in the magical arts by powerful wizards like Elminster Aumar and Khelben Arunsun.

In the end, however, after a bloody battle Narm was fatally injured. Shandril thought this was her fault (although this was not true) and used her last spellfire to heal Narm. She decided to sacrifice herself to stop the hunt and told Narm to fall in love again with another girl. She then turned her spellfire against herself and disappeared.[1]




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