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Lord Nasher Alagondar was the fearless former adventurer and ruler of Neverwinter who held his city firmly in the Lords' Alliance. Nasher was responsible for laying many plots and magical contingencies against assaults from the city's warlike rival, Luskan, even going so far as banning maps of the city being made in order to throw off the spies of Luskan and their potential invasion plans.[7] He was also the founder of the Alagondar royal family.[1]


Nasher had a receding hairline.[2]


Brave in the face of his enemies but affable when among his people, Nasher was noted for his steadfast opposition against Luskan and the orcs of the North. He had a great love of music and hearing tales of faraway lands.[2][4]


Nasher had collected numerous magic items during his adventuring career and was noted for wearing a ring of the ram, a potent ring of protection, and a belt of regeneration (which worked much like a ring of regeneration). He was equipped with some powerful weapons in the form of a mace of disruption and a frostbrand longsword.[6]


Lord Nasher was always accompanied by his bodyguard, the Neverwinter Nine, to whom he gave many magic items from his adventuring days.[7]

Nasher once had a wife[8] and had at least two children, Bann Alagondar and Vers Never, who was said to be his bastard son.[5]


Young daysEdit

Young Nasher

Nasher in his adventuring days.

During his younger years, Nasher adventured extensively for around ten years and garnered a great trove of magical items.[6] During those adventuring days, its was common knowledge that Nasher once slew a minotaur.[8]

Ruler of NeverwinterEdit

Around 1329 DR, Nasher Alagondar became ruler of the city of Neverwinter.[1]

Lord Nasher NWN2

Lord Nasher.

In 1372 DR, the Wailing Death began afflicting the citizens of Neverwinter on Tarsakh 30. Within a few tendays it had brought the majority of the city's inhabitants to death's dooor.[9] With the help of Khelben Arunsun, a ritual was devised to cure the magical disease.[10]

Later in 1372 DR, on Flamerule 7, Nasher magically travelled with Piergeiron the Paladinson to Cormyr as a representative of the the Lords' Alliance. There he took part in a council, chaired by Alusair Obarskyr, to discuss how to deal with the machinations of the Shadovar and phaerimm after the destruction of Tilverton.[11]

Nasher rejected the position of King of Neverwinter for much of his life, accepting the title only in old age. His descendants were powerful royals who kept the city stable and prosperous until the eruption of Mount Hotenow, when the royal line disappeared in the disaster.[1]


Sons of AlagondarEdit

In 1474 DR, the Sons of Alagondar emerged in Neverwinter and waged a campaign of insurgency and propaganda against the rule of Dagult Neverember. Proclaiming themselves as the descendants of the servants and retainers of Lord Nasher, they wished to restore rule to the rightful line of Alagondar.[12]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Lord Nasher was voiced by Gregg Martin (credited as Greg Martin) in Neverwinter Nights 2.


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