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Nashkel logo
Nashkel's coat of arms.
Geographical information
Size Small town
Area West Faerûn,
Societal information
Humans 98%
Halflings 2%
some shield dwarves
Religion Auril
Population 3,000 in town, 1,500 more in outlying villages and farms
Exports Caravan equipment, pelts, sheep, wool, barley, beer.
Political information
Ruler Mayor Berrun Ghastkill

Inhabitants of Nashkel
Locations in Nashkel

Nashkel was a small town on the northern slopes of the Cloud Peaks.


Although formally a part of Amn, Nashkel was separated from the rest of the kingdom by the mountain passes and is relatively autonomous.

Places of interestEdit


Cloud Peak Outfitters 
Equipment shop for mountain travelers run by Salla Pitontoes, a halfling cleric of Tymora.


Icedawn's House 
Shrine to Auril.
Temple of Helm 
Temple to worship Helm.

Taverns and innsEdit

Northern Light Inn and Tavern aka The Belching Dragon
This establishment was constantly lit by magical light because the owner, Reis Kensiddar, feared darkness after an encounter with drow and the Nightbringers of Shar.[citation needed]


Baldur's Gate box This section is about elements from the game Baldur's Gate.

Nashkel appeared as a small village with a temple to Helm, an inn, store and a tavern in the Baldur's Gate (game). The village had become interesting to the whole region because of its proximity to the Nashkel mines where miners were disappearing which added to the Iron Crisis. The hero could team up with Minsc and Edwin. Berrun Ghastkill had a few quests for the adventurer and Volo made an appearance in the Belching Dragon Tavern. This was also where the infamous Noober was encountered.



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