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Nasnas were humanoid creatures created by evil priests or wizards in Zakhara. They were fanatically loyal to their creator and would defend them to the death.[1]


These creatures were literally half-humanoid, possessing only a single arm and leg and half a face and torso. [1]

Their skin had a gray tint and their eyes sparkled with insanity. [1]

Nasnas hopped about on their single leg when they moved. Some nasnas had a small wing that did not allow them to fly. [1]


Nasnas used weapons and wore armor. Their single arm was incredibly strong, adding ferocity to their attacks. [1]

Their wilds hoots and screams could cause panic in their foes or paralyze them with fear. [1]

Iron or magical weapons were needed to harm a nasnas. [1]


These creatures served as guardians in the strongholds of evil priests or wizards. [1]

To create a nasnas a special potion was brewed that included a drop of the creator’s blood. The potion was injected into a piece of fruit which was sliced in half. If a woman ate the fruit she would conceive a nasnas and give birth nine months later. The creator would then arrive to claim the nasnas. [1]


Nasnas lived short lives, often killing themselves before the age of thirty. [1]

Their only purpose was to protect their creator. [1]



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