Nastasia was a drow priestess of Eilistraee in Lake Sember in 1375 DR.[1]


Nastasia was at the shrine to Eilistraee in Lake Sember when she was attacked by a Nightshadow of Vhaeraun, who killed her and stole her soul.

Her fellow priestess took Nastasia's body to Qilué Veladorn at the Promenade of the Dark Maiden. Qilue understood that Nastasia's soul was missing and asked her goddess for an explanation.

Suddenly Nastasia's soul came back and Qilue decided to resurrect her in order to interrogate her about this strange phenomenon. Nastasia answered to the best of her capacity, explaining that the Church of Vhaeraun had wanted to use her soul to open a secret gate to Eilistraee's astral domain.[1]





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