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The Nathaghal Mountains, also known as the North Wall,[2][3] were a range of mountains in South Faerûn that formed the northern edge of Halruaa.[1]


The North Wall surrounded the region of the Nath.[2] They ran roughly east to west,[1] from Talath Pass to the Nath Pass,[2] but there was a hilly passage through from the north into Halruaa, named High Aluar,[1] as well as Bandit Pass, which divided the range, and Nath Pass, which led to Dambrath.[2]


Dangerous species wandered the outside border of these mountains in the area surrounding the Nath. These included Cyclopskin, Manticores, Rocs, Cockatrices, and Medusae.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Mount Talath, one of the highest mountains in the range,[3], was the site of a town and the location of the High Temple of Mystra.[4]



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