Nathoud was a fortified town located in the northern region of the Hordelands bordering Rashemen.[1]


Nathoud sat in the hill country at the feet of the southern slopes of the Icerim Mountains.[1]

Wood was used in the construction of Nathoud since stone-working was little known in the region. The buildings of Nathoud were typically two stories tall and had large overhanging eaves with gently sloping roofs. Elaborate carvings decorated most buildings.[1]


The Myir, a clan of Nars, originally built the town when they came to settle, since they could not compete with the fierce Khassadi horsemen of the region.[1]

The Myir of Nathoud were famous for their breeding of the Nathoudi stallion. A yearly horse fair was held in Nathoud. Vendors interested in selling horses during this time needed to apply for a license. Races were held where vendors and horse-breeders could show off their prized animals.[1]



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