The Naug-adar, also known as devil dogs, were a sub organization of the Zhentarim composed by minor wizards in Zhentil Keep that acted as law enforcement agents and patrol troops in the Keep. The individual naug-adar were usually assigned by the Zhent to spying and eavesdroppings missions. They performed also missions in order to advantage the Black Network killing enemies, manipulate people and events or discovered important secrets. Usually they used many time and resource of kill or cause the demise of their superiors. They can be promoted to the true Zhentarim ranks only if the demonstrated some initiative. Usually informations arrived to the naug-adar followed this pattern: good news were always reported to superiors, bad news were systematically buried; if the news had no apparent utility half of the time they reported, the other half they treasured their self hoping to use to rise the ranks one day.[1] A very large numbers of the naug-adar died during the Fall of Zhentil Keep but the organization survived[2] Some naug-adar fought in Shadowdale in 1375 as members of the Zhentarim Occupation Army[3]



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