The Naug-orls, also known as devil worms or simply the Worms, were Zhentil Keep's thieves' guild in 1368 DR.[1] However the ties between criminal and official interests in Zhentil were so strong that they usually acted more like a scout's company than thieves.

Feared and shunned by the Zhents, the Worms secretly frequented all taverns and inns within the city, spying for their master who served the Council of Lords. The Worms would kidnap, frame, arrest, or commit murder in service to their master.[1]

Also the naut-orls had an organization more like a spy network than a thieves' guild, paying many times in control all inn, taverns and inner and outer gates.

The Worms were led by someone called a "Night Fingers". Shounra Shalassalar was the Night Fingers of the Worms in 1358 DR. All 600 members of the Worms reported to her through a secretive hierarchy.[1]

For truth however the Night Fingers reported all the informations they collected to certain lords of the Council and Shounra's real master was Manshoon.[2]

The Naug-orls were seriously decimated by the 1368 invasion by the Cyric monstrous army and ceased to exist as organized force, although Shoundra tried to regroup her followers again[3]



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