Nchaser was a powerful mage who is famous for creating glowing globes and the spell Nchaser's glowing orb.[1] He was known for actively exploring the world, seeking out new magic and twice acting as an advisor for a local ruler, the second time being for the High Captains of Luskan. His tutor in the Art was Nulathoe. He disappeared sometime in the early 14th century DR.

The explorer Darnell the Unfearing claimed to have come upon a tower on an island suspended above Abeir-Toril's north pole by a 300 foot tall stalagmite of perfectly smooth ice. When he climbed up it, he reported it being surrounded by hundreds of glowing globes which promptly shot at him as he drew closer to the top. The magical beams fired at him disintegrated the otherwise indestructable ice of the island and Darnell reportedly slid back down the ice so fast that he broke both of his legs when he reached the bottom.

Apart from his glowing globes and possibly this tower, the only remaining legacy of Nchaser in the realms is a spellbook, given to High Captain Taerl of Luskan before Nchaser's disappearance. The book was stolen and found it's way to Alustriel, who gave it to a dwarf from Citadel Adbar. Said dwarf disappeared and the book was lost for a few years until it appeared in Neverwinter as a gift for Lord Nasher Alagondar from a merchant named Furjur the Flippant, who claimed to have obtained it from a band of dwarven adventurers in the northern forests. The spellbook was trapped, leading to the death of one of Nasher's courtiers and was placed in Nasher's library, unopened. It was stolen during one of the riots known collectively as the Five Fires Rising and hasn't been seen since.


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