Neb was a crazy serial killer in Baldur's Gate who fled to Athkatla in Amn.[1] [note 1]


Neb was an assassin in Baldur's Gate until he was caught by the Flaming Fist. In prison, he met Gorion's Ward, who at that time was in the same cell. Neb helped Gorion's Ward to escape after he solved Neb's riddle.[2]

After the escape, Neb traveled to Athkatla, where he was involved in the theft of some illithium from the merchant Unger Hilldark. Unger, however, employed Gorion's Ward to solve the case and retrieved the illithium.[1]


When approached, Gorion's Ward could agree to trade Neb's life for the illithium. However, if Minsc or Jaheira were present in the party, then they recognized Neb as a child murderer from Baldur's Gate and forced a confrontation.[1]



  1. It is unclear what species Neb actually is. The first game implies he is a gnome, but in the second game, it alternately refers to him as a gnome and as a dwarf. Ungar Hilldark describes him as "looking like a hill dwarf" and his severed head is stated as coming from "Neb the dwarf", but he uses a gnome sprite and voiceclips, and he is referred to as a gnome in the journal and by the government officials to whom his head is delivered.



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