Nebbish was a human patron of the Elfsong Tavern in Baldur's Gate around 1372 DR.[1]


Nebbish appears to have lived in Baldur's Gate long enough to know about the history of the local thieves guild and the new guild that had usurped the former's dominance in the city. He enjoyed a simple life of drinking rather than involving himself with city functions.[1]

Nebbish was met by Adrianna, Vahn, and Kromlech after they were attacked by thieves on the city streets outside of the tavern. When Nebbish first met the trio, he dismissed them as beggars and did not wish to be bothered. He then explained how he had seen the new thieves guild take over operations in Balder's Gate, merely commenting on them as being a more blood-thirsty batch than the previous guild. Because he had not had any dangerous encounters with them, Nebbish was in favor of allowing the thieves to do as they pleased. His only problem was not being able to spend his money on drinks due to Alyth the bartender cutting him off two nights before. Once the trio helped Nebbish by giving him a drink found in the storage cellar, Nebbish rewarded them with a healing potion.[1]




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