Negative plane protection was an abjuration spell that gave the recipient one chance to completely avoid the draining effects of a negative energy attack.[6][7]


The caster had to touch the recipient in order to cast this spell. The protection lasted for 10 minutes per level of the caster, or until the target was hit by an attack form using negative energy. This spell opened a channel to the Positive Energy plane and thus gave the recipient a chance to overcome the loss of strength or life experience due to the energy draining effects of creatures and spells that channeled negative energy. If successful, the protected creature was only subject to the physical damage of such an attack, and the attacker was blasted with positive energy in return. If unsuccessful, the target suffered double the physical damage as well as any draining effects from the negative energy attack.

This spell could not be cast on the Negative Energy plane


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.


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