Neiron the Schemer (pronounced: /ˈnɪərnNEER-on[1]) was a very powerful ranger in the Dragon Reach area in 1357 DR.[1]


Neiron had several hidden refuges in the area of the Dragonmere and wandered alone around the Sea of Fallen Stars, always following his mysterious agenda.[1]


During his wandering, Neiron had killed the hobgoblin chieftain Gothag and in the Stonelands he had eliminated the frost giants Gurrl and Kutharr. He had saved many people lost in the woods or attacked by bandits.[1]


Neiron had many contacts in the area among druids and foresters of little power and influence. He was the most powerful ranger in the area not allied with the Harpers.[1]


Rumors said that Neiron wanted to settle in the area after founding a stronghold.[1]



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