Nekiset was the most powerful cleric in service to Set in Mulhorand in 1357 DR.


Born in Sampranasz as a slave, Nekiset became the leader of her slave group as a youth, impressing her masters.

During a trip to Sampranasz, Seti, the current incarnation of Set, noticed Nekiset for her devotion and evil tendencies and freed her, offering a place among the clergy of Set. Soon she rose through the ranks to the very top.

In 1357 DR, she planned the assassination of Pharaoh Akonhorus II.[1]


Nekiset was the leader of the Fangs of Set. She had the same plans as Hodkamset, to replace the young pharaoh Horustep III with a rakshasa follower of Set in order to create chaos inside the clergy of Horus-Re, hoping to use this to give the throne to Seti.[2]


Nekiset had started to think that Hodkamset needed to be replaced, both for her to achieve supremacy and for Hodkamset's mad tendencies, but she understood the need to wait until after seizing power to act.[1]


Nekiset and Hodkamset were so close that many thought they were lovers.[1]



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