Nentor Thuldoum was a Zhentarim high wizard.[1]


Nentor briefly led the armies of the Citadel of the Raven in battle against brigands, Thentian freebands, and monsters of Thar. He was later relocated to Zhentil Keep to train wizards for the Network.

On Flamerule 16 of 1358 DR, he was in Ordulin with his apprentice Baedelkar. However, Nentor received orders from Manshoon to depart, but when he went to find Baedelkar at the Winking Will-o'-the-Wisp Pleasure Palace, Baedelkar was dead. Nentor went to Dalelands and met the Zhentilar commander Amglar and the young Zhent wizard Myarvuk. They were attacked at the Standing Stone by mysterious flying arrows that killed Myarvuk and injured Amglar.

Later Nentor discovered that two malaugrym were marching to Mistledale to fight Elminster and the Rangers Three.

The next day Nentor together with Amglar lead the Zhent army against the defenders of Mistledale. The Zhent were winning when Sylune appeared behind Nentor and Amglar and killed the two Zhent commanders.[1]




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