The neogi were a race of spider-like creatures that were usually accompanied by umber hulks, their large ape/beetle crossover monsters.[4]


A neogi appeared to be a small eight-legged creature, no bigger than a small child and they had a head with reflective eyes that sat upon a long eel-like neck. They fight using a psychic ability to cause pain and discomfort, but it seems to be limited to their line of sight. They are intensely cautious, choosing not to fight unless there is a significant prize of gold or other valuables.[6]


The neogi travel through the Sea of Night using large spider-shaped ships that require magic for propulsion. They also have access to Starry Compasses, or magical devices that, when properly installed, can allow a normal seafaring craft from Toril to lift out of the water and rise into the Sea of Night.[6]


The complicated language of the neogi was called K'azz'jak'n.[5]


The neogi had an unusual view of their deities: The did not offer prayers and rarely sacrifice, but demanded favors and boons from them regularly, seeing the deities as servants of the neogi race. The neogi powers were sexless just like the neogi themselves.[5]

Speaking the name of one of their deities incorrectly was seen as a sacrilege worthy of a slow and painful death by the neogi. Given the difficulties of the neogi language for other races, it was advisable to refrain from the attempt of pronouncing the deities' names.[5]

The neogi pantheon included:[5]

  • Ka’jk’zxl, the dead god of creation.
  • Kil'lix, a chaotic evil lesser god of death, murder, and poison.
  • Kr'tx, a chaotic evil lesser god of war, brutality, and strength.
  • P'kk, a lawful evil lesser god of fear and tyranny.
  • Thrig'ki, a neutral evil lesser god of "love" (actually more like envy and jealousy in human terms).
  • T'zen'kil, a neutral evil lesser god of torture, pain, and suffering.




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