Nereids were a race of aquatic fey related to the tritons. Like the nymphs who lived in the coves and streams, the dryads who lived in the trees, and the oreads who dwelt in the mountains, nereids were fey who were bound to the seas and oceans. They physically resembled tritons except that their bodies displaced light, making them nearly transparent and hard to see, especially when they were in the water.[2]


Evil nereids roamed the streets of the underwater city of Ascale.[3] They also lived in and defended Lake Ashane in Rashemen.[4]

Nereids were also rumored to live within the forest of Shilmista, within a pool formed from the headwaters of the River Valashar.[5]


In 1361 DR, a nereid ensnared Fyodor on Ruathym and almost drowned him. However, Liriel Baenre rescued him by snatching the nereid's shawl and enslaving her.[6]

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