The Neth Stand was a dark, thick forest on the Lake of Steam.[1]


Some people in the Border Kingdoms were of the belief that the forest was named because of the refugees from Netheril making a stand in the forest. Sages preferred to believe that the word "stand" merely referred to the thick concentration of tall dark trees here.[1]


It contained underground volcanic vents that emitted a sulfurous mist. The wood here was valuable, despite the need to treat it to get rid of the sulfur smell.[2]

As of 1374 DR, the forest was extremely dense and dark, containing phosphorescent fungi, some of which could move and had intelligence. Among the thornbushes were carnivorous plants and the forest was inhabited by spiders.[1]

A range of crumbling rock faces ran north to south through the forest. They had no official name, and were peppered with caves and ledges. Wyverns and perytons densely inhabited this area, making it attractive as a food source for dragons from the surrounding areas. Around this time, Thay launched many expeditions here in search of powerful magic, at the cost of many lives. Many Calishite hunters also lost their lives here over the years.[1]


The forest contained a tribe of semi-aquatic trolls and a group of weresharks, who opposed one another.[2]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was believed that the presence of so many hostile creatures here could be put down to deepspawn or priests of Malar at work, the presence of powerful spellcasters wanting to stay in isolation, or the presence of portals from which the monsters were emerging.[1]



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