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Netheril: Empire of Magic
Basic Information
Author(s) slade and James Butler
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Type Accessory
Binding Boxed set
Released November 1996
Pages 160
ISBN 10 0-7869-0437-2
ISBN 13 978-0786904372

Source: product listing

Netheril: Empire of Magic is a 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons boxed set.

Journey back 5,000 years into Faerûn's past and visit the archwizards of Netheril. View their fantastic floating cities, enclaves of magic that shook the ground far below. Travel to a time when magic was raw and powerful, when spellcasters stood supreme in the eyes of their nation. Meet Karsus, an archwizard so powerful he wielded magic that made him a god...

This new campaign expansion details everything a Dungeon Master needs to establish an exciting campaign in the magic-rich kingdom of Netheril. Inside you'll find:

The Winds of Netheril: This 128-page reference book contains the long-awaited his most mysterious kingdoms. It provides new rules for spellcasters during the reign of Netheril and the rules for time-traveling within the Realms. An encompassing almanac details the floating cities and groundling cities of lost Netheril during the different ages of the nation.

In addition, this book explores the floating city of Karsus, noting key landmarks in the most important enclave of Netheril. Many of Netheril's most prominent personages are likewise detailed. The book concludes with MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM entries for the phaerimm, sharn, and tomb tapper.

Encyclopedia Arcana: This 32-page book describes many of the magical items and spells of Netheril. Also included are spell lists specialized for use within a Netheril campaign.

Two Poster Maps: Full-color poster maps show the lands of Netheril during the height of its power and at the time of its fall. The back of one of the mapsheets contains a detailed look at the enclave of Karsus.



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