The Neverwinter Academy was a school for magic and combat in the district of the Beggar's Nest in the city of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast North.[1]


The Neverwinter Academy taught numerous skills, including melee and distance combat, arcane and divine magic, and rogue skills.[1]


The Neverwinter Academy consisted of a large building with numerous rooms, including the training halls, assembly hall, senior barracks, and stables. In the training halls was a small chapel, menagerie, store, and library.[1]


In 1372 DR, when Neverwinter was suffering from the Wailing Death, the Neverwinter Academy was attacked during its graduation ceremony and the Waterdhavian creatures that had been brought there in search for a cure were stolen. Many students and instructors were killed. The Waterdhavian creatures were later retrieved by the Hero of Neverwinter, a former student.[1]

Notable inhabitantsEdit







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