The Neverwinter Nine are the personal bodyguards of Lord Nasher Alagondar, the leader of Neverwinter.[2] It was named after the nine guards of the founder of Neverwinter, Lord Halueth Never.


When the great city Neverwinter and Castle Never were built, Lord Halueh Never gathered a group of the most loyal guards and named them the Neverwinter Nine. Under his lead, the Nine and his army prevailed in the war with Illusk. However, two of them perished in the war, and one died as a traitor, for murdering his fellow Nine.

After his death, Halueth was buried in his tomb beneath Castle Never, surrounded by the statues of the first Nine. Their name was carved on the statues.

  • Talven, first of the Nine. We shall not rest until his sword takes it rightful place.
  • Galavren, second of the Nine. The only one who remembers the promise left unfulfilled.
  • Floashebel, third of the Nine. She never bore a child, but was mother to newborn Neverwinter.
  • Thracier, fourth of the Nine. His death as a traitor does not release him from service.
  • Shoce, fifth of the Nine. Three dragons could not slay him. Alas, the treachery of the fourth.
  • Coneth, sixth of the Nine. His blood was impure, but none ever doubted his heart.
  • N'halien, seventh of the Nine. His chest caught an Illusk arrow meant for mine.
  • Tamper, eighth of the Nine. Youngest of us all, who kept all of us young.
  • Slade, last of the Nine. Sadly, his first day was his last battle.

The Nine continues to carry on its duties to protect the lord of Neverwinter and its land through generations. Its title is opened only to the people who have greatly served Neverwinter with loyalty and were knighted by its lord.


Protective Aura: Members of the Neverwinter Nine can generate an aura which enhances the defensive capabilites of their allies during combat.

Guarding the Lord: An advanced version of the Shield Other spell, this ability allows members of the Neverwinter Nine to reduce the damage inflicted upon them, in addition to the standard 'pain-sharing' effect of the original spell.

Frantic Reactions: The Neverwinter Nine must be forever ready to come to the defence of their allies. With this ability, they can traverse the battlefield at greater speeds, dodge their opponents attacks with greater ease, and lauch sneak attacks against those who threaten their comrades.

All-Out Assault: The Neverwinter Nine can enter a state similar to a barbarian's rage, during which time they can inflict large amounts of damage upon their foes. This state is difficult to maintain, however, and when it ends they take damage from the effort of maintaining it.

Notable Members of the Neverwinter NineEdit


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