Newander was a druid who worshipped the deity Silvanus.[1]


Newander had sandy brown hair and was just under six feet tall.[1]


The druid was a shy man who loved nature yet yearned for civilization at the same time.[2] As a druid, he viewed the forest with love and wished to be as powerful as his friends, who had the ability to shape-change into various animals—an ability he had not developed so far.[1]


At the Edificant Library, Newander joined his friends Danica Maupoissant and Cadderly Bonaduce in battle against the cleric Barjin. Newander and Cadderly were the only ones not affected by Barjin's Chaos Curse—potent magic that enhanced one's desires even until self-destruction. Newander resisted the curse to a high degree because his desires were contradictory and unclear even to the druid himself. In the final battle with Barjin, the druid finally achieved the ability to shape-change into a great wolverine and spray Barjin with his musk. The musk disintegrated the mage's enchanted robes and thus weakened his defensed to a point where Newander's friends could overcome the cleric. But before Newander could get away, Barjin killed him with his enchanted mace, the Screaming Maiden.[3]




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