Nexal was once the capital of the greatest empire in Maztica and the center of the cult of Zaltec. It was destroyed in the Night of Wailing and is now a monster infested ruin. Once hundreds of thousands humans lived within Nexal. After its destruction more than 10,000 monsters of the Viperhand called the place their home. They were once humans before they were transformed into orcs, trolls, ogres and some shapechangers, known as jagres. Many parts of Nexal sunk or were swept away since the city was built upon an artificial island. Other parts were destroyed and laid into rubble. After that some parts were undermined by the monsters and some bigger houses reconstructed with gruesome decorations like skulls, bones and banners of war. The central square survived more or less intact because there never were that many buildings and those built there were mostly stable pyramid-constructions. Even the palace of Naltecona survived partly intact. The pyramid of Zaltec also survived. Hoxitl ruled from its top over the city and the Viperhand.[1]

References Edit

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Official sourcesEdit

2. Edition:

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