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The Night Knives was a small thieves' guild that operated out of Selgaunt, Sembia.[2]


The guild numbered forty or so members with a mix of thieves, smugglers, fences and a couple wizards and priests of Mask. The Night Knives were known to be infiltrated by both Zhentarim and Harper agents.[3]


The guild was destroyed when the Krollir Venasten, the guildmaster and a powerful cleric of Mask, summoned the greater dread Yrsillar in 1371 DR. Drasek Riven, a lieutenant of the guild and a secret member of the Zhentarim disrupted the circle of protection containing the demon, freeing it. It slew Krollir and possessed his body while he converted the Night Knives into lesser shades and ghouls.[1]


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