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Night Masks is the third book of the The Cleric Quintet by R.A. Salvatore.

Carradoon, city of shadows, city of assassins. Through its dark streets flit the killers of the Night Masks, led by the thin, sinister killer known as Ghost. In the city's evil alleyways Cadderly, struggling against the horrible Chaos Curse, must fight an additional battle against sudden, silent death.

Summary Edit

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Characters Edit

Main charactersEdit

Other charactersEdit


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Paperback 1-5607-6328-0 978-1560763284 TSR, Inc. August 1992
Mass Market Paperback 320 0-7869-1606-0 978-0786916061 Wizards of the Coast May 2000
Mass Market Paperback 320 0-7869-5106-0 978-0786951062 Wizards of the Coast May 2009




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