The Night Trees were two small forests located between Moonwood and Cold Wood.[1]


These dark and silent forests were shunned by dwarves, elves, humans and orcs, as an ancient evil power lurked in the dark under the foliage. Many cruel plant monsters infested the woods, such as assassin vines, dark trees, shambling mounds, and tendriculoses.[1]

The Night Trees were defended by an evil druid known as the Tree Slaker, who often placed insidious traps to catch intruders. When the Tree Slaker captured someone, he usually bound the victim to a nearby tree and drained the blood out of them to satisfy the dark and thirsty spirit of the forest. By 1372 DR, the Tree Slaker had gathered some acolytes, fellow druids and wicked rangers eager to sacrifice creatures to please their master.

In the northern area of the forest stood a mysterious square tower covered by vines. According to legends, it was an ancient temple dedicated to Chauntea that had been corrupted by the evil presence of the Night Trees. Adventurers who tried to reach the tower found the plant monsters and the Tree Slaker blocking their way.[1]



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