A nighthaunt is a type of nightshade; a sentient undead monster from the Plane of Shadow. Thoroughly unnatural and malicious, they take delight in the corruption and suffering of others. As creatures of both death and shadow, they have tremendous powers over darkness.[1]

Physical descriptionEdit

Nighthaunts somewhat resemble gargoyles; they have bat wings, talons, curling horns and a whipping serpentine tail. Their body looks as if made of the shadow-stuff of the night itself. They have no face, just a flat triangular space set with a pair of pale eyes blank and round as pearls.[2]


Nighthaunts are surrounded by aura of desecration, can drain levels with a touch, and are powerful spellcasters. However, they become weak in natural daylight.[1]


Nighthaunts were more common in the ancient days of Imaskar, but are now virtually unknown in Faerûn.[1]

Notable nighthauntsEdit


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