The Nightmare's Hoof was a mountain range located in southeastern Laerakond, near the Dragon Sea. It separated the city of Sambral from the rest of the Windrise Ports.[1][3]

Geographical featuresEdit

The Nightmare's Hoof was known for its numerous small but active volcanoes, and for the rumors about an extensive clan of fire giants dwelling within the mountains.[1] The mountains were rich in ore deposits, including gold and high-quality iron. Sambrese dwarves founded many outposts in the mountains to mine those deposits.[2]

One of the most infamous mountains of the Nightmare's Hoof was Achazar's Throne, that was located close to Sambral.[2]

There was a heavily patrolled pass through the Nightmare's Hoof that connected Sambral overland to Harglast and the other Windrise Ports.[1]



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