Nightshades were large undead creatures from the Plane of Shadow. They were a horrifying mixture of death and darkness, made more frightening by their alien intelligence and spellcasting powers. All nightshades were surrounded by an aura of desecration that could draw life from the living. Their powers were considerably enhanced in darkness, but they were also greatly weakened by natural sunlight. Nightshades communicated telepathically.


Nightcrawlers were enormous black worms, similar in size and strength to a purple worm. Despite their shape, they were deviously intelligent and accomplished spellcasters.
Resembling giant gargoyles, nighthaunts had strategic minds and were known to lead armies of undead.
Taller than a building, nightwalkers were nightmarish giants yet also excellent stalkers.
A nightwing resembled an enormous bat made of darkness. Virtually invisible, they could drain magic from an enchanted item.

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