Nihal, sometimes called the Serpent Star,[1] was a star-like Elder Evil[2] from the Far Realm who had taken a place among stars of Realmspace. Unlike normal stars, Nihal didn't have a fixed place in the sky but instead danced and wavered across Realmspace.[3]

Description Edit

Nihal was a red star,[3] although some stargarzers said that Nihal's light was green. Nihal was actually a tear in reality composed of an infinite swarming mass of maggots and worms.[4]


Nihal, and the other Far Realm-infested stars of Realmspace, were somehow related to the Eldest.[3]

Nihal writhed around the position it should hold in the sky,[3][5] and because of that it was called the Serpent Star.[1] Sometimes Nihal sent its agents to Toril, the Serpents of Nihal, to feed on living things so Nihal could sate its hunger.[1] Some scholars believed Nihal was the brother of another elder evil, Kyuss, or even the same being observed from two different points in time.[4]

Nihal was one of the stars the warlock Japheth Donard sought out in 1396 DR, after having lost his pact with the archfey Neifion.[3]





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