Niko was an woman in Chu' Yuan province in Shou Lung.[1]


Niko lived in village of Tangan in Keluh Valley with her mother Shanshu.[2]

In 1358 DR she went to hunt with eight male friends. They were however all captured by bakemono followers of the Earth Spider. All her friends were killed but Niko was spared.

Niko agreed to become Earth Spider's lieutenant in mortal plane, leading the bakemono and goblin spider, but in truth was a ruse in order to gain time to escape.

Niko' s chance arrived when an adventuring party, hired by Emperor to find General Goyat Nagumo, arrived in the area. She helped the adventurers to escape from Earth Spider's minions.

Eventually with adventurers' support they all went back to Tangan.[1]

Behind The ScenesEdit

Without players' help Niko will be killed by Earth Spider's minions



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