Nikol was a storm giant from the storm giant aerie of Lake Woe mountain.[note 1]


Nikol had pale violet skin and blue-black hair that was very long and unkempt. He was clean-shaven. Nikol typically wore a simple tunic with a large amount of silver jewelry. His eyes were silver-colored.[1]


Nikol bore a sword in battle that was twenty-feet long. It was notched and rusted.[2]


In 1369 DR,[note 2] the then-paramount of the storm giants of Mount Woe, Anastes, and five other storm giants were summoned magically by Lanaxis to defend him when he needed to rest during his kidnapping of Queen Brianna and her son Kaedlaw. Nikol was one of those giants. Nikol and Ramos cooked a moose for Brianna to eat,[3] but during this time, Tavis Burdun and armies of giant-kin attacked. Nikol and Ramos were ordered by Anastes to deal with the verbeegs. Nikol's fate in the ensuing battle was never recorded.[2]



  1. This fact is deduced because one of Nikol's companions was Ramos, and Ramos was the former paramount of the storm giant aerie described in Giantcraft.
  2. The year is deduced from the "Presenting . . . Seven Millennia of Realms Fiction" article from Wizards of the Coast and the fact that Giantcraft describes its setting as taking place immediately before the events of the The Twilight Giants trilogy.


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