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Nilbogs were goblins afflicted with a strange space-time reversal disease known as Nilbogism. The disease appeared to occur when heavy use of magic strained the fabric of the space-time continuum, leading to some very strange localized events. The disease only affected goblins and was not transmitted by them.[citation needed]


The nilbog, like all goblins, favored ambushes, dirty tricks, and overwhelming odds to a fair fight.

Nilbog adepts favored spells that fooled or confused their enemies.

Special DefensesEdit

When struck by any attack that would cause harm, the nilbog would actually heal.[citation needed]

A nilbog could only be injured through the use of curative magic. Curative magic harmed a nilbog with the same intensity that the magic would otherwise heal.[citation needed]

Creatures within 20 ft (6 m) of a nilbog will generally pursue a course of action contrary to their normal intent; for example, a creature may feel an overwhelming urge to load all its treasure into an empty treasure chest and leave empty-handed.[citation needed]



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