Ning D'Ahn was the seventh High Lama of Tabot in 1357 DR.[1]


The sixth high lama chose Ning D'Ahn as his successor when Ning was only eight years old. Afterward, according to tradition, the previous Lord of Oceans wandered into the mountains.

Ning's rule was a difficult one, suffering from the revolt of Baron Phen Do and the independent behavior of the southern monasteries that undermined the government south of the Haraki Ridge. Furthermore, the yig-tsang, the monk council, was divided on most issues, and their delegates to the chief ministers, the tse-khor, were corrupt and untrustworthy. Ning replaced all the Lon Chen with monks he trusted from northern Tabot, which had further alienated the south. In time, there were two attempts on his life, each by a ninja masquerading as a lama.[1]


Ning was always protected by his fanatical and suicidal personal guards, the No-Haree. Twice a year, he appeared to the people while presiding over two outdoor festivals, the Wona Chu'ing in the dead of winter and the Dui'yu, the celebration of the harvests.[1]



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