Ninjas used deception, ki powers, and martial arts to defeat their enemies, gather information, and steal secrets. Though they lacked the outright combat prowess of fighters and barbarians, they were adept at bringing foes to battle on their own terms, seeming to appear and disappear at will.[1]

In Faerûn, the ninja arts, or ninjutsu, were believed to have originated on the eastern continent of Kara-Tur. In Shou Lung, the term "vagabond" often referred to ninjas.[2]

Mostly doing profitable assasinations, ninjas accumulated rather large sums of gold. Sadly, knowing too much, they were often killed by other ninjas. Although armed with a wide assortment of ranged weapons, they were also proficient in using small melee weapons, like daggers, dirks, and wakizashis. If the kill could not be achieved by a ranged weapon, ninjas closed in for a melee attack. Ninjas specialized in one weapon were a rarity. Also, they were masters of survival.[citation needed]



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