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Niskam Tresdaap was a male human and a Battleguard of Tempus with the title of Lance of the Lord. The aging seneschal, Trusted Sword Jak Errins was soon to retire and Niskam was maneuvering to take over the leadership of the Towers of the Vengeful Hand in Eshpurta, Amn,[2] in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR[1] through at least early 1370 DR, the Year of the Tankard[3] His chief rival was Battlelady Peris Whallnsor.[1][2]

Niskam was under the sway of Sapphiraktar, an undead blue dracolich and a Runemaster of the Twisted Rune. Niskam believed the voice he heard was Tempus himself speaking to him, but in reality it was the crafty Runemaster.[4]


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