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Nixies are an aquatic race of sprite. They dwell in ponds, streams, rivers, and even lakes. They are generally playful and sometimes invite passerbys to come swim and play with them. They are sometimes seen as wicked creatures, as the pranks they play on mortals occasionally lead to drowning.

Physical descriptionEdit

A nixie appears as a beautiful aquatic humanoid that is the size of an elven child. They have green skin, pointed ears, and long hair the color of seaweed. They also have webbed fingers and toes. They often wear little to no clothing, preferring to dress themselves only in pearls and shells.



Nixies make their homes in beautiful lakes and streams. They act as guardians of such places, and attempt to drive away any who would despoil the natural beauty of their home. For example, they lived in and defended Lake Ashane in Rashemen.[4]



Computer games


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