No Ziar, called the mole, was a male human wu jen who dwelled in the Vorkani Mountains and in the settlement of Pan in Koryo around 1357 DR.[1]


Short-statured and hunch-backed, with a shaved head and such bad myopia that he was always squinting, his nickname was very fitting.[1]


No Ziar possessed an enchanted walking stick that bestowed an amazing power: the ability to summon and talk to pond turtles.[1]


He was closely affiliated with the yakuza of Pan, and bore their mark: a small tattoo of a blue feather on the heel of his left hand.[1]

His familiar was a raccoon called Mita, which swelled to twice its natural size in a fight.[1]


Ever greedy, this wu jen was ready to steal whatever he could lay his hands on that had magical powers. He stashed his stolen treasures in a keep located high in the Vorkani Mountains.[1]

No Ziar also brewed potions that transformed people into aquatic creatures. He gained notoriety for tricking helpless people into having a quick meal and changing them into fish, such as tuna or whitefish. It seemed he and his familiar then ate the fish themselves.[1]


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