Noanar's Hold was a village, just off the Evermoor Way just on the edge of the High Forest, that grew up around one of the most famous hunting lodges in the North. Cottages and well-kept stables rambled between the trees.[1] The village could be reached from Calling Horns.[2]


The Hunt Lords ruled the settlement and arranged hunting parties for rich sportsmen of the Sword Coast.[1]

Eventually, less and less people came, as rumors got out that the Hunt Lords encouraged their guests to kill one another. In their old age, the Hunt lords struck a deal with Orcus, who transformed them into wights, and their long-dead steeds into warhorse skeletons.[3]


Noanar's Hold was named after a famous hunter who once lived in the village keep.[4]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

The village's hunts could involve anything from pursuing normal creatures to sentient beasts and humanoids that were less than willing participants.[1]

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Notable LocationsEdit

The White Hart Inn was the best inn in town and was run by Ghille Cever,[1] and later Avgar Filroy. [3]


Noanar was also the name of a Netherese arcanist famous for his fire magic.[5]



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