Noble Adventurer of Cormyr is a Prestige class whose name is a bit of a misnomer. Nobles can come from any civilised land, though Cormyr is one of the better known producers of those who take this class. Entrants to this class don't even have to be nobles, they could just be educated and wealthy merchants or adventurers who have bought themselves political clout.

Most Noble Adventurers are aristocrats who fancy themselves as dashing warriors, are simply looking for the thrill of adventure to liven up their boring lives at court or wish to use their political power and influence to right wrongs (percieved or not). They use their wealth to buy themselves powerful or just plain flashy equipment and set off on their own to give some monsters or bandits a good seeing-to. Many noble adventurers are prideful and talk down to anybody they consider beneath them, though a few are actual paragons of virtue who endeavour to do the right thing.


Noble adventurers know the ins and outs of court life and have become adept at 'talking the talk'. They know who to talk to and how to talk to them.
Noble adventurers often think themselves as dashing heroes and expect great acclaim if they throw themselves into the fray. They become emboldened by the ideal they have set aside for themselves in their minds.